We’ve built a platform
to securely and decentrally store your digital identity

How do we get from an insecure, centralized information model to a decentralized authentication model like how we interact in the real world?
The answer is a combination of cryptographic hashing and blockchain technology - called SETOKEN


What is SETOKEN?

SETOKEN is a platform to decentrally and securely store your personal identifier data by using the blockchain as authentication model

Once someone has access to your digital data and texts this is the gateway to getting into many online services, even if you were being diligent and using two factor authentication.

Imagine a world where you are in direct control of your personal information, a world where you can limit and control how much information you share while retaining the ability to transact in the world. This is SETOKEN.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Use the blockchain technology to store
your identifier data encrypted.

Use of Smart Contract

Platform works with smartcontracts
to manage your data.

Secure and decentral platform

Global platform to store your personal data
encrypted in blockchain.

SETOKEN App apps

Once you’ve entered into our userdata platform, you can mange every thing. You can verify yourself with your unique privateKey, as well as with your biometrical data like fingerprint and, if technically completely safe, face recognition and take control about your digital identiy.


  • Access with privateKey and biometrical data
  • Unique authentication model
  • Professional ecosystem
  • Manage your digital identity
  • Instant access
  • Token-based payment system


SETOKEN will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform (ERC20). It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


Mar 26, 2018

Acceptable currencies

Ethereum ETH


May 25, 2018

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 40,000 SET

Minimal transaction amount

To participate on Token Sale you must at least buy SET Tokens for minimum 0,1 ETH.

Number of tokens for sale

total sale: 350,000,000 SET

Softcap: 350 ETH
Hardcap: 1,550 ETH

1st Round of Token Sale is now


1st Round: 25,000,000 SET (5%) + 40% early-bird bonus
2nd Round: 40,000,000 SET (8%) + 25% bonus
Main Sale: 285,000,000 SET (57%) + 15% bonus

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Our Roadmap RoadMap

July 2017

Start of the SETOKEN vision.

October 2017

Alpha platform-launch

December 2017

SETOKEN ICO Website goes live

January 2018

Preparing for Token Sale

February 2018

Beta platform goes live (internal)

March 2018

Start Token Sale Round 1 & new website launch

Q2 2018

Start Token Sale Round 2, listing on exchanges

Q3 2018

Developing SETOKEN MobileApps

Q3 2018

Start Token Sale Mainevent

Q3 / Q4 2018

SETOKEN platform final launch

Q4 2018 / Q1 2019

SETOKEN MobileApps final launch

Powered by a Team Team

Take a quick look at the professional power behind SETOKEN.

Terrance Perrot
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Terrance is the founder of Social Environment Technology and the creative head behind SETOKEN.
Francis Frye
CTO & Developer
Francis is our Core-Developer - he's developing the SETOKEN platform and MobileApps.
Zheng Liao
Blockchain App Developer
Zheng is the person who's called 'The Brain'. He implements all our theoretical stuff on smartcontracts and blockchain.
Gabriele Zdenka
Community Management
Gabriele is managing our community accounts.

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve answered a bit of SETOKEN, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

SETOKEN is a blockchain-based platform to store your personal identifier data such as your digital identity decentral and secure.

To buy SET you can use Ethereum, ETH. Please make sure you are sending your funds not from your Exchange Wallet.

To participate you have to subscribe to our TokenSale Newsletter below. When TokenSale starts you will receive our Startletter with our Ethereum tokenaddress. Send the amount of ETH you want to - after the TokenSale is finished you'll get your SET Tokens.

There are 2 Pre-Sale dates and 1 TokenSale Mainevent.
Round 1 starts on 28th of March and ends on 25th of May.
Round 2 will start on 18th of July and ends on 30th of July.
The Mainevent will start on 10th of September and ends on 22th of September.

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